What is that I seek in you ?

What is that I seek in you ?

I cannot understand, what is it that I seek in you ?

Are you the most beautiful women that I have ever come across?
Certainly not! And yet you are so breathtakingly beautiful that it takes my breath away.

Are you great to converse with? Of course.
But you know, I do hate your dark sense of humour and yet I want to be eternally conversing with you.

I don’t know what is it that causes me to seek you out. Is there some gap in my life that I want to close with your help?
Naah….. And yet, I seek you like a person in desert searches for water. This thirst is the thirst for life, for finding self.

Do I lust after you?
If to become one with you is lusting after you, then yes! I do lust after you!

May be I seek the divine in you. May be you are not aware of it yet. May be one day you will.

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