And so the journey starts

And so the journey starts

“We touch reality most deeply, where men struggle, fail and triumph”

(pp.1,  The Bhagvadgita, S RadhaKrishnan)

A friend of mine had advised me to read Shrimadbhagvadgita when I was going through tough times. Life has its share of ups and downs and although I too had my share of them, I never thought that I should look to Gita while understanding my own reaction to such ups and downs. But sometimes, you need a trigger (may be a stent or two in your heart) to kick start your journey. And that’s what S Radhakrishnan’s statement says.

I started back in Jan 2016, and I continued until March 2016, wherein the life became comfortable again and Gita got shelved. However, as that common idiom goes, what goes around, comes around.

During my school days, I had discovered that I learn much better when I write. So that is what I am going to do here as well.


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