Outer desire and Inner Quality

Outer desire and Inner Quality

To divide a man into outer desire and inner quality is to violate the integrity of human life. The two orders of reality – the transcendental and empirical are closely related.

How what I want is separate from what I am? I think it is not same as “I am what I do”. What I do and what I want or desire are two different things – they exist at different levels of our existence.

The entire universe of manifestation and multiplicity is not real and seems to be real only for those who live in ignorance (avidya). To be caught in it is the bondage in which we all are implicated. The last condition cannot be removed by our efforts. Works are vain (are they really?) and bind us firmly to the unreal cosmic process – the endless chain of cause and effect. Only the wisdom that the universal reality and individual self are same can bring us redemption. When this wisdom arises, the ego is dissolved, the wandering ceases and we have perfect joy and blessedness.



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