I am not evil

I am not evil

Despite what I might have done in past, I assure you I’m not an evil man. An evil man would enjoy doing these things. I don’t . It was just something that my sensibilities demand.

My driving belief is in respect. Respecting yourself and others is critical. I will respect you until you do something to lose it, at which point I will just walk away. I will never darken your doorway again. I think everyone has a duty to be as good as they can possibly be. Sure, some will achieve more than others, but so long as you try your best I will respect you. One word of caution; disrespect me and you’d better duck.

Next to respect, what I value most is loyalty and trust. I will never lie or be devious to those that have my respect. I am loyal to a fault, again to those that deserve it. Note the careful wording. If you lose my trust, then loyalty and respect are also off the table.

I have a strong belief in justice. Good things should happen to good people and bad things to bad people. I’m also old-fashioned. If you wrong me then you won’t have to worry about writs and court, but you’d better be very careful walking down any dark alleys. If I shake hands on a deal and it doesn’t happen, then check the death notices; my name will be there.

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